Northwestern Ballroom Latin and Swing Team


Wednesday Shindigs!!!

Hey everyone BLAST related!!!

Come to our super awesome bi-monthly 1-hour dance “Shindigs.”  Every 2nd week on Wednesday is Salsa, and every 4th week on Wednesday is Swing!!!  They’re really fun to just hang out with your friends, meet other BLAST members, learn a new style of dance, or show off your own slick skills.  We know you have them!

You don’t need any experience and it’s COMPLETELY FREE.  There is absolutely no excuse to not come and dance with us.  Unless it’s midterm season… then you MIGHT have an excuse, but even that is pushing it.  Dancing helps you relieve stress, so you should at least try even if it’s testing time.

Here is a banner and a youtube video to pump you up!!!!!

Blast Socials

Blast Socials!!!