Northwestern Ballroom Latin and Swing Team



Our annual show is held during early May every year and we practice every quarter to prepare for it. Each week there are cast rehearsals for about 16 pieces, of which you can be a part of 1-3 of them. The dance styles span all ballroom, latin, and swing genres (sometimes even hip-hop, jazz, or ballet is interweaved). The pieces themselves are separate from one another but follow the same overarching theme chosen that year for the show. Check them out below, and if you’re interested then we encourage you to audition in the fall!


BLAST SHOWS 2006-2012  (Playlists)

BLAST Show 2014: BLAST Has a Secret

PROMO VIDEO from the BLAST 2014 show: BLAST Has a Secret
BLAST Show 2013: BLAST Grows Up
PROMO VIDEO from the BLAST 2013 show: BLAST Grows Up!
BLAST Show 2012: It’s My Party and I’ll Dance if I Want To

BLAST Show 2011: BLAST Falls in Love

BLAST Show 2010: BLAST From the Past
BLAST Show 2009: Where the F*** is BLAST?!

BLAST Show 2008: BLAST Goes to the Movies