Northwestern Ballroom Latin and Swing Team


What is BLAST?

BLAST is the acronym for the Northwestern – (B)allroom (L)atin (a)nd (S)wing (T)eam

Can I take classes even though I'm not a student at Northwestern?

Of course you can! We love any and all dancers!

I've never danced before, can I still dance with BLAST?

Well, duh! As a matter of fact, many people start off dancing for the first time in our classes. Many of our best dancers started dancing for the first time in college, with BLAST! Also, we encourage you to come to our show and competition try outs because just because you don’t have a lot of dance experience doesn’t mean you can’t do the show or compete and improve/learn more.

Is there a way I can get financial help for paying the membership fees?

You should be able to apply for financial help from the university by going here. SASF Application Usually it’s under the Wildcat Connection site under CSI Documents.

How can I be a part of the BLAST Listserv so I know about classes and other events?

Come to the BLAST kickoff event at the beginning of the year, or the quarterly Northwestern activities fairs. You can also just email to ask to be put on.

Do I need to have prior experience? Or a partner?

No experience is needed! All you have to do is show up. No partner is needed for any of the social classes or beginner ballroom classes but if you would like to join the competitive team, a partner is necessary.

I don’t want to compete or need to learn everything, I just want to learn a few salsa moves… is there an option for me?

Absolutely. Most of the classes we offer are taught in a social style, and you can go to as many, or few of them as you choose.

How much is it to take a class/join the competition team/take a couple classes?

There are several options for payment available, depending on your level of interest. See the Membership Page for details.

Is there a show? When is it?

 Every year, BLAST presents the Spring Show, in late April or early May of Spring quarter. Auditions are held during the end of fall quarter, December 1st and 4th with callbacks on January 5 .

What are the commitments for people in the show?

To be in the show, you must go through the auditioning process in fall quarter. The spring show requires first and foremost that you are available for the show weekend, and secondly, that you come to weekly practices, attend the three showcases, and commit to attending both all casts and tech week the two weeks before the show.

I was busy in the fall/I missed a few classes earlier in the quarter. Is it too late to join?

BLAST always welcomes new members! Missing the beginning classes will take some catching up but if you are interested in joining, we’re always willing to help you catch up. Check out the schedule on the website or on the facebook page, and stop in whenever you are free or need some stress relief! See Membership Page for rates.

Are there social dances? Can we go out dancing downtown?

Yes! BLAST hosts social dances that are free to all members, and $5 for everyone else. And, yes, we also go out dancing in the city. Visit the Social Events page for more information. Such outings may also be announced over the listserv.