Northwestern Ballroom Latin and Swing Team


Team members are required to be at both your weekly lesson, as well as the required team practice on Sunday night from 8-10 pm in Blomquist Gymnasium. Being present at each lesson is extremely important so that you don’t fall behind- our competitive classes are designed to move fairly quickly. If you miss one lesson, you will miss a lot of instruction. Weekly practice is also important because we will review technique as well as material covered in the lesson that week.

Additional practice space is available throughout the week: this space will be announced ASAP after Northwestern allows us to reserve gymnasium space. Advanced team members will be present at these practices and are usually very willing to help you out! If you and your partner are having difficulty with any of the material presented in the class, our captains would be more than happy to schedule some one on one help at a mutually agreeable time.

We offer newcomer, bronze and silver competitive classes. These classes focus primarily on international standard and latin. Placement into classes is by audition at the beginning of the year; auditions are available by request at the beginning of each quarter for those wishing to advance. In addition, we offer an American class which is a combined level, one-hour/week workshop in the smooth and rhythm styles.

Other events:

In addition to normally scheduled lessons and practices, we also offer various workshops throughout the year. Before the first big competition in the fall, we will be offering a newcomer “bootcamp” in which we will help prepare you for all aspects of competition. The retreat will include a crash course in each of the four styles, presentation and floorcraft, hair, makeup and dress. The retreat will culminate in a mini-competition for our newcomers during which feedback will be provided. Also before the first competition, we will be taking a trip down to a nearby dance supply store. Our captains will be on this trip to help you pick out shoes, and if necessary, dancewear. It is advisable that you wait to purchase shoes until this trip- ballroom shoes fit differently than street shoes, and it is difficult to dance in shoes that don’t fit exactly right- our advanced dancers will be able to help out in picking out shoes that fit well.

As physical fitness is an important part of improving your dancing, we will be offering weekly team workouts at a TBA time and place.

Finally, team social events will be hosted throughout the quarter!!!!